“Ewa is a natural-born coach. In addition to her education, experience and knowledge, Ewa has the qualities that are equally important in coaching: intuition, talent, energy and personality. After our sessions with Ewa I feel motivated, courageous and inspired to follow my goals and dreams. Ewa encourages me to explore new, creative ways of thinking. Ewa has the ability to see her clients’ strengths and challenges them to trust their own instincts and to seek a life filled with passion and happiness.”

Małgorzata Kierc
Manager, Learning & Development, Seattle, WA

“I was impressed by coaching sessions provided by Ewa. Those meetings made me make great changes in my life, organized a lot of things and set up goals. Ewa is very open, she gives a feeling of safety and openness. She inspired me and showed me different perspective for a lot of my problems. I highly recommend Ewa as a coach.

entrepreneur and restaurant owner

We had a pleasure to work with Ewa Polak during a few trainings that she customized and delivered to Fundacion Namaste Guatemaya employees. Trainings were in English with Spanish translator. Our staff was very committed and we found it very useful. These training were unforgettable experience for everyone.

Eugenia Durán
Executive Director of Fundacion Namaste Guatemaya