Before you read this please, think, for a moment, what you want from your life and what goals you have.

Are you achieving what you really want, or perhaps are you only thinking about it and that’s it?

What if I am able to help you to achieve the goals that you strive for, gain more happiness and satisfaction in your life? Would it be worth a try?

Coaching is a professional partnership relationship based on the trust and commitment of the two parties (client - coach), during which the coach supports, motivates and inspires the client. Coaching is based on the best use of already present client capabilities to achieve objectives and the intended result. It is not counseling, training or therapy. The Coach, by knowing the right tools, listen actively, and through suitable and deep questions, helps the client to discover solutions, achieve goals, reach his or her potential.

This method helps build consciousness and discover the values which we follow in our life. Increased self-awareness affects self-confidence, which leads to improvement in other aspects of our lives.

Coaching reveals that each of us has the necessary resources needed to achieve goals, to accomplish success, and improve the quality of our life. You are the expert in your life and you know best what you want and what the best way is to achieve it, and I, as a coach will help you to get there.

The coaching process is a series of meetings/sessions, which take place every week or every two weeks, depending on our arrangements and your needs.

Each coaching session is an individual meeting and conversation, in which you play the main role.

The right questions, asked by me - your coach - will help you to discover your talents and capabilities and identify targets. As a coach I will support you and motivate you to action. What we are going to talk about depends solely on you. In the initial session we will define the partnership, set the contract, number of sessions, goals, frequency and type of meetings, discuss areas for work and your expectations.

Each session lasts approx. 30-60 minutes. Sessions can take place in person or by telephone/skype.

What will you achieve? During the sessions, you will:

  • Identify your values, vision of life, what you really want and what you want to strive for
  • Clarify your short-term and long-term goals
  • Reflect and look at the different spheres of your life, family, work, health and leisure
  • Look at your life from a different perspective
  • Work on your weaknesses and limitations
  • Confront your emotions
  • Generate a plan and action steps for the best way to achieve your goals
  • Improve your life and start to live fulfilled
  • Open up to new possibilities