Workshop “Map your Dreams” for kids and teenagers in school.


NGO „CasaSito” – workshops for teenagers:

  • critical thinking
  • identity and values
  • mapping goals and objectives

NGO „From Houses to Home” – workshops for indigenous women:

  • critical thinking
  • finding identity
  • development of self-esteem
  • mapping goals and objectives

NGO „Namaste Guatemaya” –trainings for advisors and mentors, who work with woman and help them to set up and run their own business:

  • discovering employees potential
  • how to ask right questions – communication and staff development
  • „Magic of potential” – based and inspired on Stephen R. Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Monoloco” restaurants – trainings for managers:

  • communication
  • motivation and pro-activity
  • leadership
  • coaching and mentoring as a tool to improve communication and achieving goals